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Rated in the top 3 Canadian immigration law offices, Sterling Immigration has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Sterling Immigration is the only Canadian immigration law office in the UK which is accredited by the ICCRC, CAPIC, the Ministry of Justice and the Employment Standards Office of Canada. The firm specializes in skilled worker, investor and family sponsorship programs.

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Canadian Business Visitors – Work in Canada Without a Visa

Certain individuals may enter Canada to conduct business or trade activity without the need for a work permit. In Canadian immigration law, these individuals are known as business visitors.A business visitor is a foreign national who comes to Canada to participate in international business activ...

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Immigration Appeals Division Update and Case Law

IMMIGRATION —APPEAL DIVISION Exclusion and expulsion — Deportation — L was citizen of Haiti who became permanent resident at age of five — L was convicted of drug trafficking and deportation order made in 2009 — Immigration Appeal Division stayed deportation on humanitarian grounds until...

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Refugee Protection Division Case Law Updates

Refugee Protection Division  IMMIGRATION — Person in need of protection — Applicant was 31-year-old Tamil male — Applicant was citizen of Sri Lanka and made claim for refugee protection based on his political opinion and race — Applicant stated that he left Sri Lanka in July 2014 after having...

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